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The Chronicles and Art of the Sphinx
by Darky
Stuff looks a bit different aroun' 'ere.. 
13th-Mar-2013 08:28 pm
It seems LJ has had a bit of a facelift since the last dump o: Not bad, not bad..

Ksivu and some Toothless doodles

For the longest while I had "Caravenserai" stuck in my head, kinda had its influence x3

Tried to face-lift the mengral a bit, as well as get down some conceptual details that haven't yet been noted upon (for example, why they have long eyeteeth if they're herbivores)

In the same vein, reminding myself how some characters are drawn x3

While other characters get born. Tirade should be fun to play around with in the MiD-verse

The amount of times I've tried to draw necron designs hasn't brought me close to a final army design yet, but has made me better at getting their proportions down off the top of my head x3

Basically a bunch of notes on another Legendary commission in the works at the moment

Kerren, cheerful (and healthy) as ever~

Robossassin!Sphinx doodles, as a study for a Vardays page in the works~

Work lecture doodles, part 1

Work lecture doodles, part 2 - Now with Moar Burd

Maro's still very much around in the story verses x3 He's just shy

Tundra dragon doodle, from Flight Rising

The last some months has seen a real increase in my affection to Stitchmaw x3 If it keeps this up, the bugger might actually have to be tossed into a story, even

This is the saddest of pages, because it got torn out of the sketchbook somehow mid-transport (still not sure how it happened, its rare for my sketchbooks to lose pages before their spines give out). Which in itself was sad, but it was half as more sad when a corner of it didn't want to go and tore the paper through the middle of one of the drawings. Taped it back and all's relatively alright with it again, fixing the tear with a little Photoshop magic here, but still.
Poor page :<
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