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Skeeeetch duuuump~

Haven't been drawing all too much since volunteering at a local festival took up most of my time, but inbetween relaxing moments have undertaken gap filling of another old sketchbook. Usually how it works is I have one 'active' sketchbook, which is the newest, where concept drawings and other such sketches go, while quick studies, random doodles and freehand stuff are directed more to rounding out the old books.

Although this one is out out of commission due to somewhat falling apart, it still has a few blank pages at the end, so that's going to be also something to figure out once getting to them.

Todd's face is my general gauge of current drawing ability and style nuances, seeing as it's the one constant I always know how to draw from memory. Also some bastet faces to work out the ranges of physical differences between body builds and forms.
(And random Morties)

Took one of the old sketches in the book and gave it lineart with some tweaks~

A lot of robohands, 'cause discovered that this kind of simplified form is really fun to draw and really helpful for practise :3

The middle one is also a very, very old sketch (from somewhere during the first year of academy) that I lined to fix its outdated proportions and flaws in the process. A whole lot of Lady of the Crows too, since she hasn't been drawn in some time and seemed in need of a revisit just to see how much the present drawing style would reinvigorate her.

Swords and arms~

Steadily getting the hang of human facial details, while also studying variation in them.

Some bones and familiar faces~

One of the challenges of animators is to be able to not draw in one's own style, because often enough the project you're meant to animate for requires you to mimic another artist's vision and pre-determined style. The next three were mostly freehand practises at trying to capture the style of one or more other artists (some more known than others, it was a random draw), as well as some studies along the way.

Todd again, this one pre-dating the coloured face, showing the difference between freehanding when starting on this sketchbook's gap filling, and the more recent doodles from today.

Chivalry-inspired stuff, plus one HSC


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