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Past few months have been quiet-ish with sketches, but starting to come out of it. 'Course, just as that's taking place, my lungs decided to start hacking themselves up, so we'll see how well it goes.

In other news, started up a Tumblr (much like almost every other person on dA x3) so the first five things are from there. In terms of divvying up posting places dA is still for finished stuff, LJ is still for sketch dumps and Tumblr will be for random crafty things and some solo stand-alone sketches. Nothing gets forgotten for too long~


Mear in colour pencils and Ras in regular pencils

Painting warm-ups prior to commissiony things

I occasionally forget them x3;

Random bastet who got colours suggested by Sels x3 Let's call him.. Ikenna Idowu (have fun figuring that one out~)

A bit of design challenge

Showreel storyboards (version 1 and version 2, ended up animation the second)

Used a Random Sword Generator to doodle to

Anatomy practise~


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