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The Chronicles and Art of the Sphinx
by Darky
Haw, only a month since the last one! 
11th-Dec-2011 11:15 pm

So, got me a refill of the good ol' ginger-eucalypt and largely as a result, suddenly everything starts happening and falling into place (I was terribly short of brain these past few weeks, mostly bogged by freelance jobs and such). We've got a Vardays update, something tossed onto dA, catching up with jobs (and by the looks of things, a few of them are nearing completion *fistair*) as well as...


Still haven't forgotten about these guys:

Dun dun dun..

Doodle Messes (who're those strange faces there?)
Still trying to fill in the doodlegaps of this sketch-book, so a few things are recognizably older.

13th-Dec-2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Ooo, shiny. I can see comic content snuck in. Very cool doodles all around. I remain impressed how you fill all the little spaces with dashes of coolness. And I totally love that lemur character of yers. I remember waaaaaay back when i tried to draw fanart of him. ^^;

This just makes me remember how much I adore yer sense of detail. :3
13th-Dec-2011 04:27 am (UTC)

Yep :3 It's my current plan with this sketch-book, to fill it up as much as possible (since my habit so far has been to generally doodle them full with quite a gratuitous amount of negative space everywhere x3)

Thank yew <3
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