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Premise: I draw a lot of swords

A reasonable three and a half months has passed since the last art dump, thus, it is time for the quad-annual next one:

Things More Recent That Include A Lot of Random:
After discovering that one of my sketchbooks no longer has a single undoodled page left, went back to the start of it and began doodling into all manner of negative space spots possible, slowly working my way through it, before I'll be shelfing it in favour of a new one. This is largely the compiled result:

Cover of a different sketchbook that I don't believe has been posted yet

Been watching White Collar seasons with emignant during which we both ended up doodling at one point or another x3 These are some of the results (some of which were a result of me yoinking her artz toolz) (Also a fair warning: FULL COLOUR AHEAD.)

Had a brief animation job at one point having to develop a character 'out of rope or such', and these were some of the stages
(Also, Necronz)

Ropeman's equivalent of a storyboard, which was basically just several doodles of action ideas (three out of the five final ones are a little further down)

Necran's rifle rough concept

Inkdink Chiryms!

A couple of studies/inspiration doodles for Gaerlyn things

The study sketch for a Java vs. Jer pic, which ended up as this

A couple of weeks ago we played a round of Arkham Horror, of which this is the illustrated result x3 My guy started off with an ally, research notes, a flamethrower and a lantern, and eventually died holding crosses akimbo, having an ally with a pistol, burned research notes and two spawn trying to omnomnom him (it was death by Big Guy.. He held out surprisingly valiantly)

Trying to work out an alternate wrist-blade Darky would be able to use along with the longsword (since Ka'Bahra requires two hands to use)

Randomness in general

Some Slightly Older Stuff Include:

Gabby's rp-post-complementary images from the initial advertizement thread, where he was looking for halps

Fiddled with animating again at one point around Sept and Oct, after getting a brief job related to it :3

Been also drawing the occasional custom ideas over on MML:

A commission's sketch and later flat coloured version, before the final:

Still hoping there'll be more of this happening soon x3

And now to tackle Nano *awaaayy~*

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