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Inkdink Doodle Dumpage

Found myself stuck drawing-wise and unable to get out, so vandalized a sketchbook to tear out a few pieces, grabbed the 0.38 black ink pen and told myself: "This is the only way to get out of it, so just press the nib on the paper and move the hand."

The sketch-binge started with random MML doodles coupled with whatever inspiration was drawn from the music playing at the time (including soundtracks)..

..then took full swing with the first of many ramon drawn since forever ago, as well as a slight concept try-out of Nim's possible adaptation..

..which 'sploded into a crapton of concept doodles and notes, where even Owyné (Owain)squeezed himself in for a little spotlight..

..narrowly preceded by a bunch of Korra doodles from the internet reveal explosion several days ago, wherein I discover an inability to draw Naga, leading to presetting myself with a silhouette line-sketch exercise..

..which also exploded, with added possible Cù Ceo.

So, in conclusion, a rather eventful last few days x3
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