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The only thing I have to say for myself, is I regret nothing x3;

But it feels strange, yet is quite logical when you think about, in how productivity tends to increase the less discerning or coherent your mind becomes. You could find yourself making the most randomest, silliest, most ridiculous things without your inner critic catching you until later, but they will still be things and, most importantly, they will be done.

I'm just waiting for it to decide to suddenly take an interest in scene colouring again x3 Until then..

Yet another reminder self that I am not capable of drawing wolves from memory, even if overly stylized to bulkiness.

If you're going to be studying animation, you'll likely gonna be doing a whole lot of these:

Built on one of the sketches from the last dump with a little Primoris x3

Yang had drawn a pretty awesome Nightmare anthro version, though I could still not let go trying to solve the whole 'lacking a stomach and below' issue her anthrofication would have brought along, so doodled a version myself as well x3

Recently managed to sketch out MML Darky's helmet and armour and.. the designs came out surprisingly nice <3 Iz like 'em, so iz draw moar of em.

A Batllama and then a Batpizza, 'cause Tuesday is Batman night at Vesse's x3

To those of you less up to speed, this is basically the stage the HSC puppet has been for almost half a year ever since his hat was completed:

About a week ago, he finally got his actual eyes finished :3

Two paintings' sketches on the canvas (in fact my brother's old cupboard's back wall) for painting class. A preview before I end up utterly messing things up with colour, most likely x3;
("Renatus Mechanii" and "The Sphinx's Riddle" are the titles I'm thinking of so far)

I still have this piece left, so might make a mini-panel-painting thing on it as well if I can think of an idea

Also, Various Days will be updating sometime within the half hour or so.

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