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So yeah, I'm back from our course's two-week workshop in Wales x3 It was quite productive, and there is yet more productivity to go for *scurries back to work on the bajillion projects*

These two would totally get along so long as they do not discuss the topic of Airships With Sails: How And Why Is It A Good/Bad Idea

Spent three of the four free hours in London on the way back at the Natural History Museum. My camera's memory card got full from all the photos, so I doodled the last few awesome things :3

Our last evening in Cardiff was spent at an irish pub called O'Neall, and this was a result of waiting for the food while lulz was discussed

Othurwurldrs (+ Primoris and Sphinx)

Need to practice moar eyes, haven't done it in a while

Mengral ethnic art concepts and one Loom!Nim attempt + odd seal thingy

While Andrew and Aleks are the most athletic members of the Seabird crew, they do still differ in the sense of dexterous vs. agile. Thought to illustrate it somewhat x3

I swear I'll get better scan versions of these someday before they become too smudged..

Plus tiny ship stuff

A third variation of the sirk, and one I think might continue on to be the basis for any redesigns of characters in the future

Some conceptual differences between the drac ('dragon') and the dracélan ('drake') species


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