Skeeeetch duuuump~

Haven't been drawing all too much since volunteering at a local festival took up most of my time, but inbetween relaxing moments have undertaken gap filling of another old sketchbook. Usually how it works is I have one 'active' sketchbook, which is the newest, where concept drawings and other such sketches go, while quick studies, random doodles and freehand stuff are directed more to rounding out the old books.

Although this one is out out of commission due to somewhat falling apart, it still has a few blank pages at the end, so that's going to be also something to figure out once getting to them.

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Connor Facepalm

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Past few months have been quiet-ish with sketches, but starting to come out of it. 'Course, just as that's taking place, my lungs decided to start hacking themselves up, so we'll see how well it goes.

In other news, started up a Tumblr (much like almost every other person on dA x3) so the first five things are from there. In terms of divvying up posting places dA is still for finished stuff, LJ is still for sketch dumps and Tumblr will be for random crafty things and some solo stand-alone sketches. Nothing gets forgotten for too long~


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Mandatory Vitality Confirmation Dump

Have been fighting with some tiredness and brainlessness, but did manage to finally complete that Fill In The Gaps quest with the old sketchbook. Sort-of-kinda starting to be able to pick up pace again in doing things, got some small jobs of designing invites, though no promise of any major updating sprees just yet x3;

Also partly why Vardays has been so neglected, there just hasn't been anything happening to draw about.

Anywho, Giiiiaaaaantttbuuuuuttttt dump, which may have some previously posted images in-between the gap-filling doodles~

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Haw, only a month since the last one!

So, got me a refill of the good ol' ginger-eucalypt and largely as a result, suddenly everything starts happening and falling into place (I was terribly short of brain these past few weeks, mostly bogged by freelance jobs and such). We've got a Vardays update, something tossed onto dA, catching up with jobs (and by the looks of things, a few of them are nearing completion *fistair*) as well as...


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Fedora.. <3

Inkdink Doodle Dumpage

Found myself stuck drawing-wise and unable to get out, so vandalized a sketchbook to tear out a few pieces, grabbed the 0.38 black ink pen and told myself: "This is the only way to get out of it, so just press the nib on the paper and move the hand."
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So, in conclusion, a rather eventful last few days x3
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